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Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read the following, as it will help us to serve you more efficiently.

  1. While we aim to take great care of your property, we wish to point out that you store with us at your risk. It is therefore important for you to insure your property adequately.


  1. Froghall Storage does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage unless the loss or damage is a result of negligence by Froghall Storage, provided that in the event of such negligence Froghall Storage shall not be liable for any amounts which exceed the cost of the annual booking fee for the boat, caravan or car.


  1. All property stored on the premises must be secured as directed by the conditions of your insurance policy, which must remain valid during the storage period.


  1. We reserve the right to inspect your insurance certificates at any time.


  1. By entering into this agreement, the plot holder warrants that he/she has both ownership and legal title in the stored goods.


  1. All caravans & boats must be kept in a roadworthy state and must be properly serviced. Please ensure the tow hitch and handbrake work properly, that there is a breakaway cable attached, that the jockey wheel and corner steadies are fully working, that the rear lights are working and that the tyres are in good working order. To comply with your/our insurers, tyres should be no older than 5 years.


  1. It is advised that both wheel clamps and hitch locks be fitted.


  1. For FIRE SAFETY reasons all gas bottles must be fully disconnected and any other fuels stored correctly and safely. Where possible batteries must also be disconnected before going into storage. 


  1. All valuables must be removed and all cupboards, doors, lockers, windows and especially skylights securely locked while in storage.


  1. Please remove any foodstuffs from the caravan or the boat.


  1. Do not put vermin bait, traps or poison inside your caravan, as this will only attract vermin into your caravan.


  1. We reserve the right to internally inspect caravans for security reasons.


  1. No caravan is to be advertised as for sale from Froghall Storage.


  1. We can provide contact details of services locally, should you need to arrange for minor repairs or servicing to be carried out. Please liaise with us to arrange a mutually convenient time, so your caravan can be placed in the service area ready.


  1. Please note that access is controlled to maintain security and is by prior arrangement only.


  1. Access during normal working hours, is from 9am – 7pm. We ask for 24hrs notice as a minimum, however the more notice you can give us would be appreciated.


  1. Access outside of normal working hours – A minimum of 7 days’ notice would be appreciated. Should events happen out of your control, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


  1. During the winter period you are welcome to check your car/caravan/boat at any time, but please ring ahead to ensure someone is on site for your visit.


  1. The day we receive your property into storage will be known as commencement date.


  1. All payments are to be made in advance.


  1. Your first advance payment from commencement date, will be calculated up to our standard anniversary dates. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis, known as due date.  For example, if you choose quarterly payments and you bring your property on a date such as 15th February, you will pay for February and March, to bring your payments in alignment for the next quarter and pay on a quarterly basis from thereafter.


  1. With the monthly payment option, your storage rent is to be paid at the beginning of each month, for that month’s storage. (For example, March Storage payment to be received by us, during the 1st week of March)   


  1. Indoor storage price is based on length of your storage item. Measurements will be checked on arrival, therefore any price given based on measurement provided by yourself, is subject to change.  We will notify you if there is a change.


  1. All payments must arrive on or before their due date. If you are late with your payments more than once then we will request that you set up a regular standing order.


  1. We accept payment by cheque or cash from those that prefer to pay that way, but would much prefer payment via either a Bank transfer or regular standing order. We do not accept Debit or Credit cards.


  1. Towing services provided:

Should you require our towing services, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands from beginning to end.  We always ensure that we work to a high standard and that your pride and joy is looked after every step of the way. Caravans and boats that are in our custody and control whilst being towed or moved are covered for the following perils; Fire, Aircraft, Explosion, Storm and flood, Earthquake, Escape of Water, Impact, Riot and Malicious Persons, Theft and Accidental Damage.  Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your property/item is in a roadworthy condition and good state of repair.


  1. From time to time we need to review and increase our charges. We reserve the right to increase our charges and to notify you, by providing a minimum of one month’s notice of any charge increase.


  1. Annual storage invoices can be issued, to customers that require them, once a year during the month of April, for the next annual period from 1st April to 31st March.


  1. To leave the storage facility, prior to agreed term end, we require a full calendar months’ notice. Any partial months in storage, will incur a full monthly fee, as normal.  We will reimburse additional months paid, subject to agreed notice received and will incur an administration cost of £20. 


  1. If storage/towing fees are overdue, Froghall storage may retain possession (lien) until arrears are settled in full. If no storage/towing fees have been paid for 12 months and no contact made with us, we will assume that your property has been abandoned and you give us permission to dispose of it without further notice as we see fit and to apply any sale proceeds to arrears that may be due.


  1. Please let us know as soon as possible, any changes of personal vehicle, home address and email address and especially phone details as soon as possible, so that our records are kept up to date. All change of details, need to be confirmed in writing. It is your responsibility to obtain confirmation that we have received the change of details and they have been correctly noted.


  1. DATA PROTECTION ACT – Froghall storage will not share your information with any other company.


  1. Children are not permitted to wander around the property (insurance restrictions), they must be supervised by a responsible adult and kept under strict control at all times.


  1. Froghall Storage reserves the right to terminate the storage agreement without reason, by providing 7 days’ notice.


  1. This agreement and regulations affecting the terms and conditions affecting use of the storage facility may be altered in the future on Froghall Storage giving notice.


Thank you for your understanding,

Neil & Debbie

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